ABC Internet specializes in network designs, procurement modeling, and methods of procedure for WISPs across Canada. Our primary focus is on serving Service Providers that operate in rural markets in BC and Alberta. Our team of dynamic network designers provides 24/7 support to our clients. Our range of services includes radio access network (RAN) design, core network design, and transport planning.

Our company vision is to provide cost-effective solutions that drive business models. We test a wide variety of wireless radio equipment in both our lab environment and the field. We take pride in achieving a 100 percent success rate in our network designs, meeting and exceeding our client expectations.

Our primary test lab is located in Vancouver, with field testing carried out by our customers across BC. Our network designers continuously study and explore various MIMO and RAN techniques to fulfill our customers' requirements. We are proud to have a cutting-edge technological model for network designs.

Recently, we have been testing new technology for 5G bands using FDD and mmWave systems. This is a part of our roadmap to provide gigabit services to rural communities.

We understand the importance of customer premises equipment (CPE) and the significant costs associated with testing and procurement. That's why our team has been testing different CPE vendors, and we have established good relationships with leading vendors to provide optimal solutions.