About Us

Welcome to ABC Internet, a renowned Internet Service Provider that has been leading the way in the digital landscape since our establishment in 1995. With our roots in Vancouver, we have expanded our reach globally and earned a prominent reputation in Fixed Wireless Access systems.

Our team consists of dynamic and highly skilled network designers who are dedicated to delivering high-performance and cost-effective radio network designs. We take immense pride in providing comprehensive technical designs and strategic business projections, ensuring the seamless execution of our clients' projects.

At the heart of our operations is Bob Allen, our esteemed President, whose telecommunications expertise has been instrumental in shaping our journey. Bob's career began in 1972 as a Journeyman Electrician, and he later worked as a contractor on various significant projects in the Cariboo region during the 1980s. His leadership and visionary mindset have been key drivers of our growth and success.

Bob has also served as the long-time CEO of ABC Communications, one of the largest rural broadband service providers in the province. His wealth of experience and valuable insights have profoundly influenced our strategies and service offerings. Under his guidance, we continue to innovate and expand, remaining committed to delivering excellence at every step.


Our Mission

At ABC Internet, our mission is to connect communities in both rural and urban areas of BC by providing high-quality internet services and innovative network design solutions. We are driven by a strong commitment to bridge the digital divide and empower individuals, businesses, and organizations with reliable and fast internet connectivity. Our customer-centric approach ensures exceptional service, personalized support, and tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Through our mission, we strive to enable our customers to thrive in the digital world and unlock the full potential of their online experiences.


Our Vision

Our vision at ABC Internet is to be the leading provider of internet services and network design solutions in both rural and urban areas of BC. We envision a future where every individual within our communities has access to reliable, high-speed internet, regardless of their geographic location. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we are committed to consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance connectivity and enrich lives. Through strategic partnerships, continuous innovation, and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, we aim to be the trusted partner of choice for individuals, businesses, and organizations seeking top-tier internet services and network design expertise. With our vision, we are shaping a connected future where opportunities are limitless, and communities thrive in the digital age.


Thank you for choosing ABC Internet. Together, let's explore the boundless possibilities of a connected world.